Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Not really. More like Spiderman, cats and soldiers, oh my.
Halloween was a lot of fun. It seems more of the folks in my subdivision are staying here to trick-or-treat vs. driving to a neighborhood that is easier pickings. The kids mostly ride on golf carts or hay trailers pulled behind cars.
This morning we went to Mass for All Saints Day. Sadly, our church had no All Saints party. The kids really enjoy dressing up as saints and having fun with other Catholic kids. After Mass we came home, changed and went to the Airfest at Lackland (except Katie and Grace who preferred to stay at home). Returned about 5PM hot and tired but we had fun.
I didn't take many pictures of the aircraft as we go to this airshow every year.
Jack and Chris didn't work this show (for CAP) like they did last year but we did run into quite a few people we knew including a great kid by the name of Austen who didn't recognize me until I took my sunglasses off. I think I scared him :)
Did get a few snapshots of other interesting scenery............but blogger is giving me fits so I'll have to try and post them tomorrow.

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