Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update on me

I had a PICC ( ) line put in Monday. IV hydration via peripheral IV's was just not working out, my veins stink and kept blowing and my home health nurse was having a harder and harder time finding viable veins to try. I have a double lumen PICC so I can run my Zofran pump through it (no more sticking myself in the leg every morning) and fluids. Having it put in, in a cath lab, was not something I want to do everyday but really wasn't bad. I walked into radiology at 2:40 and walked out at 4 and drove myself home. I am doing quite a bit better since I can easily run fluids whenever I need them and the better hydrated I am, the better the Zofran works and the more I can eat and drink on my own. The PICC will stay in until I can drink enough fluids on my own to stay hydrated. It may be awhile. On a good day I can drink 12 oz...on a bad day? 0-2oz. I can eat a little but am still dropping weight pretty quickly. I'm afraid if I don't stop dropping weight my OB is going to order more substantial fluids (TPN) which I don't really want to do as it is hard on the liver and my liver is a little iffy anyway.
The Bean, or Bob as Jack calls the baby, is fine. We got to hear a good, strong, fast heartbeat on Monday ticking away. Also got an 'official' due date of May 23rd.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Yes, that is what you think it is

A baby ticker. Texan #10 is on the way. Due at the end of May. The blog has been neglected as I am fighting hyperemesis again. My OB ordered me a Zofran pump and it has helped immensely. I spent the better part of last Sunday at L&D getting rehydrated then the home health nurse came on Tuesday and started me on the pump and rehydrated me via IV again. The pump, which I wear in a case over my shoulder, gives me a continuous dose of Zofran 24/7 thru a small catheter in my thigh. I switch sites every 24 hours.

I have pictures from our trip to the coast. I'll try and get them up in the next few days.