Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good try Tristan!

Tristan loves coffee. He will drink from your coffee cup if you give him the opportunity and has been known to try and pour himself a cup from the carafe. He took his coffee consuming antics to a new high but 2 year old style :D

Christopher found the above when he opened the coffee-maker this morning. The formula scoop and a scoop of formula. T had the right kind of scoop, right place in the coffee maker, wrong tin :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in South Texas

Now don't laugh. Our weather over the last 24 hours would barely be even noticed north of the Mason-Dixon but we aren't north of the Mason-Dixon. We are in south central TX where snow only accumulates about once every 5-10 years.

We were predicted to get 1-3" but instead got a layer of freezing rain/ice, then some sleet and then a dusting of snow. It doesn't look like much but was quite slick and Chris saw at least a dozen over-turned cars on his way in to work. Many of the highways in the area were closed this morning because of the ice. S. Texas road crews and drivers are not equipped to handle icy roads. All schools are closed, including the colleges and I bet when I talk to Chris in a while he will either be the only person at work or one of just a few. His boss already said she wasn't even going to try coming in until noon or so.

We will hit the high 30's today and SIXTY tomorrow, the snow and ice is already dripping off the roof. Some of the kids were up as early as 5AM to get out and get some playing time in the 'snow' and some of the older ones stayed up very late hoping to be able to watch it fall. I envision some really tired kids later today :D
None of them are dressed appropriately for the weather but no one got frostbitten :D

Ian and Jules

Who needs to button their coat? Not Tristan!
Grace sliding around on some ice.
Cold dog instead of the usual HOT DOG... :D

Emma and her itty bitty snowball
Ben didn't want to pose with his snowball, he wanted to throw Emma

Jack soaked a shirt and threw it outside last night to see what would happen: