Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've been neglecting the blog again.
It is a quiet week around here as the boys are at Civil Air Patrol, Texas Wing Encampment. I'm looking forward to attending the Pass-in-Review on Saturday and hearing all about their week.

Ok on to {phfr}

Pretty.....I have to reach into the archives for this one:


Our street.


A very sweet Max on his first birthday. got cake?


Tristan has turned into my little optimist. Whenever he is denied something like ice cream or even a bath he gives you this face:

and cheerfully says, "Maybe tomorrow!"


Grace riding. Pardon the hokey music. It's better than listening to my mom and I talk about the weather and hearing the dogs playing.

Sometimes I think I am crazy to let Grace do what she does. She is a 100lbs soaking wet and 12 years old. Every other week she gets in close proximity to a very large animal that could throw her off if the horse wanted too. Grace saddles the horse, leads her to the ring, rides in the small and/or big ring under Scott's instruction and then takes the horse for a trail ride around a 10 acre perimeter by herself, out of sight for a good 10-15 minutes. Equine pursuits are inherently dangerous, even for experienced adults. So why do I let my precious girl do this? She loves it. It is her passion. She studies it, she works at it, and she is pretty good for a child her age who doesn't own a horse. We have to let our kids try, try things that are hard and sometimes they may get hurt. The important part is that they get back up and try again.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flying High

Jack had an amazing time at the TX Wing PFA. I am so thankful he was able to go and able to solo. Chris, Mom and I arrived a few minutes before the ceremony began, which was remarkable since we left 30 minutes late and had to drive 360 miles. Jack chose me to pin on his wings and I am so honored and happy that he did. Here is the video of Jack receiving his wings and his "official" call sign. Transcript below.

MC: In the name of the pilot
Audience: Keep the blue side up!
MC: In the name of the copilot
Audience: Keep the brown side down!
MC: In the name of the Cessna 172
Audience: Stay out of the Trees
MC: Air Force
Audience: HOORAH!
MC: Air Force
Audience: HOORAH!
MC: Air Force
Audience: HOORAH!
MC: From now on you will be known as.....RUDDER. Welcome to the brotherhood and sisterhood of aviators.
Audience: HOORAH!

Cue mom tears.

Some photos of the traditional post-solo CAP 'ceremony'. I am one who loves tradition and ritual, and I am enjoying watching my boys take part in these decades old CAP/AF traditions.
First the boys 'tails' are cut. In days past when instructor pilots (IP's) sat behind, instead of next to, their students the IP would pull on the shirttails of the student to signal them to go right, to left etc....after the solo the tails were no longer needed and it became the tradition to cut them off. After that is a dunking in water courtesy of the other students.

Jack and his IP, "Pappy"

This isn't Jack, but another cadet , I just loved this pic:

Thursday, June 9, 2011


My son just had his first solo flight!!
I am so excited and proud. 4 years of CAP, lots of work from Jack and lots of support from family,friends and fellow cadets and senior members....all working towards this goal...onwards and upwards!!