Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book meme

These are the rules:
Pass this on to 5 blogging friends. Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write the 5th sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that.

I was tagged by Therese at AussieCoffeeShop.

"Fra Anto says we must not do what they do."
"He's right. But when they try to shoot you, what can you do? You shoot back."
Josip absorbs this. "We have no guns."
The Italians and Home-Guard took away all the guns in the village, on the day they first came to Rajska Polja. It is no longer possible to protect the flocks from wolves or to hunt deer in the mountains.

Islands of the World by Michael O'Brien.

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