Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Fire.

It has finally started to feel like Fall here in S. Texas. Right up until the last couple days it was still T-shirts and shorts weather. A/C was on in the cars and the house. This morning it was 38 degrees outside! Last night it was chilly enough to put a fire in the fireplace (although we had to open windows to chill the house down earlier in the day :D ) It will be in the high 60's/lo 70's this afternoon. I guarantee that Grace, Ian, Emma and Ben will be outside playing in the leaves. They will be wearing coats or sweatshirts and come in requesting hot chocolate. They are real South Texans now! Cold wimps.

Lucy checking out the fire.

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Sardine Mama said...

Would you believe that The Joels slept outside last night? Our low was 29 degrees at approximately 4:45. But even more bizarre is that they slept outside the night before when it all blew in. It was CRAZY INSANE windy. They slept on the ground because it was too cold to sleep up in the fort. Harlan was here, too. Joel said Harlan was spitting dirt and grass out of his mouth the entire time.