Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Overdue update

Sorry. We've been busy.

I'm doing well. I sent my pump back a couple weeks ago and have been stable on a minimal amount of oral meds.
The Level II ultrasound with the MFM doctor looked pretty good. No , we didn't find out the gender. At this point my biggest decision is what hospital to deliver at. Nice to have that as my biggest concern! :-)

The kids are all well. Their Reader's Theater performance in December was a success and all 5 had a great time participating. The Christmas card picture was taken after the performance.

We managed to get the house decorated and ready for Christmas and had a nice, quiet, family Christmas.

Jack left for CAP Encampment the day after Christmas and returned home on New Years Eve. He learned a lot and was glad he went. He didn't find it nearly as bad as he was led to believe it would be. Now his goal is to make Master Sergeant by the end of this year. His short term goal is studying for his test for his first sergeant rank which is a significant exam. He also has to pass PT and drill a flight.

We'll all be spending the better part of the next 20 weeks trying to get as much schoolwork done as humanly possible, especially Katie and Jack. Inevitably we got pretty far behind while I was sick. We want as much done as we can before the baby is born and summer arrives.