Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Half monkey, half-mountain goat

Half monkey, half mountain goat. This is what I tell people my children are made of.
Tristan is keeping the tradition alive. At 14 months old and weighing in at a whopping 20lbs he is capable of getting anywhere he wants (and usually shouldn't) be. This includes on all benches and chairs in the house which leads to to finding him on the kitchen table and trying to climb over the back of the couch. He doesn't say a word though, as is also typical of my kids at this age, with the exception of Emma (and anyone who knows her isn't surprised by that). He is very expressive and gets his point across just fine, just without language. It is interesting to observe how different children develop and now that I am a much more secure mother I can observe and enjoy the differences. When I was younger I would worry and feel challenged if a child the same age as one of mine was doing 'more'.

There is a beautiful little girl that shares space with us in the cry room almost every Sunday. She is a first and only (for now) and just precious. She is 3 weeks older than T. She talks. "Up", "Down", "Baby"....and Tristan...he does his best imitation of a clam. Just stares at her with his big blue eyes, thumb in his mouth, Smith in his other hand. (Smith is his lovey) and then he runs away while she sits. She doesn't walk yet. Her mom seems a little anxious about it and seeing mini-T running about makes her almost apologize for her daughters lack of walking. I wish I could tell her not to worry, in a year we probably won't be able to tell who walked first or talked first and in 5 years it certainly won't matter. Enjoy your little one, they grow up SO fast. When she walked and talked and ran are small, small, moments in the life of a child and parent. Like every other mom I dutifully filled in the baby books (at least for Katie) with first tooth, when she sat, when she rolled, when she walked, when she talked. Where are the lines to fill in the first time she shared without being told, prayed without being asked, comforted a friend in need, volunteered her time, stood up for what is right, asked a question I didn't know the answer to....and where are the pages and pages to enter all the things that I did and learned through her??