Monday, November 17, 2008

Babywearing and Motrin

It seems there was quite a bru-ha-ha over an ad on this weekend.
The ad has not only been taken down and an official apology issued, the website is down completely.

So do you find this ad offensive? If you aren't a mom or don't wear your baby do you agree that it would be offensive to babywearing moms?

Update: the website is back up with an apology on the front page. All in all, I think it was in bad taste but not worth all the anger it has generated.


Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...
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Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

P.S. Yes, I wear my babies. In a variety of slings. I wear them at home, I wear them in public. I do not wear them because it is 'in', I do not wear them because I have been guilted into it by 'mommy bloggers'. I do not wear them because I like the attention or my sling is a fashion statement. Anyone who knows me IRL is probably laughing out loud at the thought of me making any kind of 'fashion statement' :D

I wear my babies simply because they are happy riding in them and it makes my life easier in a mulitude of ways.

Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

My opinion?
It isn't the insinuation that babywearing can be painful that bothers me (as someone who is a walking orthopedic nightmare, wearing my baby IS sometimes painful). It's the idea that children and parenting and choosing how to parent is a fashion statement or fad.

"they" did not "come up" with anything. Mothers have been wearing their children for thousands of years. I once wore Jack in a make-shift sling for a Living Way of the Cross when I played a weeping woman of Jerusalem. That went with my costume much better than a BOB stroller :P

I'm not big into boycotts as a way to protest but I don't blame some moms for being irritated. I do think some of the venom and anger about this is over-the-top though.

Karen said...

I've worn each of our kids in different ways - some preferred the sling, some the bjorn, and we just got the ergo for Cole. I did/do it because I like to have them close but also because I have to- I need my hands to catch the other ones when they fall, etc. All that being said, I see the humor in this ad because I do take motrin from time to time to make my back better after carrying the kids - I make them big! I do think they could have phrased it a little better but I don't think it was done with malicious intent.

The Real Katie said...

Oh, please Karen. You ARE a fashion statement. :p

The Real Katie said...

I mean, why else did Angelina and Brad decide to have all those kids?? Cuz they read your blog, of course. :p

Sardine Mama said...

The ad doesn't make me mad (and I owe my sanity to Moby Wraps). I don't see what the big deal is. It is true that baby-wearing is more fashionable and somewhat of a fad now (not when I started doing it 16 years ago) but that is a good thing, right? It means more people are wearing their babies! Now if only breastfeeding would become stylish. Anyway, I don't get what people are upset about. But maybe I missed something.

Therese said...

I have worn my children too but not as a fashion statement or for any reason like that. I don't like the idea that it is a fad either.

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