Thursday, May 28, 2009

Banana Pudding


Banana Pudding

5-7 medium ripe bananas, sliced
1 box Nilla Wafers (I use store brand)
2 5oz boxes vanilla pudding, instant
3 cups milk
1 pint whipping cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk

Beat vanilla pudding mix, milk and half of the whipping cream and condensed milk until it starts to thicken. Beat remaining cream into whipped cream.

Put half the box of Nilla Wafers in the bottom of a 13x9 pan. Put half the pudding over them and then layer 1/2 the bananas. Repeat. Spread the whipped cream over all, garnish with more banana slices if you desire.
Cover and chill at least 3-4 hours, best if chilled overnight.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sad news

Baby Faith Hope has died. She lived 93 days and passed away peacefully in her mothers arms. Hopefully, her short life will help be a testimony to the value of ALL lives including those that aren't "perfect". 93 days. Quite a feat for the little girl who was supposed to be born still.
Many prayers for her mom, Myah, and the rest of Faith's family.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Last night was the Randolph Composite Squadron Dining-Out. Dining In's and Dining Out's are a military tradition. They are fun, relaxing time for bonding and camaraderie although they are still dictated by very specific military rules and traditions.

There are many, many toasts. The most meaningful is the POW toast that is a silent toast made with water. A lone table is set for a sympbolic POW.

Then you have the grog..... Grog is a vile conconction of nasty stuff meant as a punishment. After declaring a point of order any guest can call out another guest for an infraction of the Rules of the Mess but it must be in rhyme, there can be a rebuttal but it must also be in rhyme. This results in lots of laughter and people (mostly cadets and some senior members) drinking, at this dining-out, a grog of pineapple juice, beanie-weenies, animal crackers and something else I cannot recall. After a while it became apparent that the grog wasn't bad enough so the Vice-President of the Mess started getting creative. The best was when the cadet staff of Randolph (including Jack) had to do the can-can, while singing YMCA and imitating John Wayne.

On a more serious note the guest speaker, a retired colonel with an incredible career, gave an excellent speech about perseverence and serving others. The last item on the agenda was a bit of a surprise but something wonderful to witness. C/Lt. Col Castriatta recieved his appointment to the US Air Force Academy. Castriatta is a wonderful young man, who has done a lot to help Jack and many other cadets and I wish him well on his career in the Air Force.

"To the class of 2013!!"

"Hear, Hear!!"

Rules of the Mess tro be posted later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doctors who will do VBACs in San Antonio

Dr. Gail Van Wingerden
Dr. Ricardo Munoz
Dr. Peter Kuhl

Dr.Munoz and Dr. Van use North Central Baptist. NCB is a nice hospital but it has a very high epidural rate and since these are the only two docs that do VBAC's the nurses aren't very comfortable with it from my experience. The NICU there is wonderful, especially Dr.Wearden, who is a driving force behind promoting/supporting breastfeeding in the NICU's all over San Antonio.

The Lonestar Midwives do VBAC's as does Dr. Peter Kuhl with Lonestar OB/Gyn. The midwives only use St Lukes Baptist and Dr. Kuhl uses St. Lukes and Methodist. St. Lukes isn't as aesthetically pleasing as Methodist or NCB but they practice couplet care and the L&D nurses, in my experience, are very comfortable with VBAC and unmedicated childbirth. If I have another baby I will not hesitate to return to Dr. Kuhl and St. Lukes. I've had 9 babies, in 9 facilities with 6 different practitioners (OB's and midwives) and Dr. Kuhl is my favorite. I've had some other good experiences and amazing physicians and midwives but for all around good match with my ideals, Dr. Kuhl and SLBH win.

I hear the Institute for Women's Health physicians also support VBAC but I have no experience or information on them aside from that they use St. Lukes.

The birth center in San Antonio supports VBAC also.

I love discussing my VBAC's and if anyone wants particulars of my experience having a VBAC in San Antonio please leave your contact info in the comm box.

Dressed for Texas

This is the result of telling Lucy to "Go get dressed before you go outside."

Her logic isn't that far off. It was a hundred degrees. We have lots of things that can bite and sting as eveidenced by the 4ft rattlesnake skin we found and the 4ft whipsnake that tried to take up residence in our garage but is now rotting in our garbage can.

Still if that isn't an outfit that screams to neighbors, "Call CPS!" I don't know what is.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey! Chief!!

Jack promoted to Chief (Chief Master Sgt) last night. I have video but Blogger is having issues...again. I do have photos of the evening but not of Jack's actual promotion ceremony, that is only on video. :sigh:
Chief is the highest NCO rank. Now, he has to get his Armstrong which is just an award, not a rank. After Armstrong is his Billy Mitchell Award, 2nd Lt.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One year ago.....

A year ago today I was standing over a NICU warmer looking at my new and yet to be named baby boy struggle to breathe. His siblings hadn't seen him and wouldn't for a while and Chris and I were exhausted and scared.

Today, Tristan Karl is peacefully sleeping in his crib after sleeping the night through (\o/) getting up to nurse at 7AM and then going back to sleep. He will wake to a raucous house and be swept into someone's arms within minutes of waking. Yells of "Happy Birthday, Tristan" will ring throughout the house and he will smile. He will smile not because he knows it is his birthday or of the cake and presents to come but because he loves his brothers and sisters and they love him. This year started out rough but oh, what a joy it has been since. He has gotten more attention and cheers for all his firsts then Katie ever did. Being #8 is great!

Today, the only thing in common with May 2nd last year is the exhaustion.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. T. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

What an amazing weekend

Exhausting but wonderful. Being able to witness 'little' Brigitte marry her Marine was an honor. They are such a beautiful, faith-filled couple and so obviously in love. I was, of course, a puddle when she and her father appeared in the doorway to the church.
So happy for her, so sad for her Daddy, knowing that these days weren't all that far in my future too.

We went from one day celebrating a marriage just beginining to celebrating a marriage that had last 50 years. The party my sil's Joan and Melissa organized for my in-law's was phenomenal. A beautiful setting and more importantly a fairly complete gathering of the entire immediate family and close family friends. After a Mass in honor of Mom and Pop and a renewing of their vows, the family gathered that evening. The best part of the evening wasn't the food or the drink or the chatting or the music. Far and away the absolute best part was listening as person after person got up and told Mom and Dad what they meant to them and in many instances what they had learned from them. Sometimes funny, sometimes nostalgic but each and everytime from the heart. This went on for over an hour but was never boring, no one looked at their watch once wondering 'When will this be over?!' Many of the 'kids' of my generation, deep in the throes of parenting, took a lot away from this celebration. There was much to ponder after seeing the result of 50 years of marriage and parenthood.

More pictures later when Blogger isn't so tempermental.