Saturday, June 20, 2009

They did it!!

Another summer, another CAP encampment. Ian completed his first Basic encampment and Jack completed Advanced Training Squadron. We are very, very proud of both our sons.
If you hop on over to Texas you can read about encampment and see pictures. If you look carefully you may even see Jack and Ian.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crazy busy.

I haven't been updating because I've just been too busy/tired. Katie's friend, Katie was here and the day before she left my niece, Ceci arrived. I got horribly ill at Emma's recital and then that went through everyone in the house but Christopher. Finally by Monday night, everyone felt well and Ceci had a nice visit. A few hours before I took Ceci to the airport on Wednesday I found a momma dog and her two pups next to our 70mph farm-to-market road and the last couple days have been consumed with taking care of them, taking them to the vet, finding homes and well...having two 7 week old puppies in the house. They are an absolute joy but a lot of work :D Tomorrow they will go to their new home with my friends Sharon and Ron . We will miss them but are thrilled that they will have such a wonderful place to grow up. I am sure they will be very, very loved. I have a few leads on a home for Momma. She seems to be a pure bred Golden Retriever and it shouldn't be too hard to find her a home. All three dogs have super dispositions. One of these days I plan to write quite the letter to the editor of the SA Express News regarding the phenomenon of dumping dogs out here in 'the country'. It is a real local problem, especially since we have no animal shelter in this county.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Must see family movie

No I am not going to blog about 'Up, although I absolutely loved that film and recommend it to everyone, whether or not you have a child to take to the movies.

I'd like to recommned 'The Little Princess, not the Shirley Temple version, but the remake from the 90's. We watched it back when it was released and loved it then. I recently picked up the DVD out of the $5 bin. I am so glad I did. Unlike 99% of remakes it is much better than the original. It is visually stunning and the dialogue is superior. I cannot recommend it highly enough as a great family film, A Little Princess would be wonderful fare for a girls slumber party or for mom and daughters to watch together for a Girls Night Out.

Recital 2009

Emma's dance recital was last night. She and all her classmates did a beautiful job. The dance academy decided not to do pictures this year. Last year's were awful and I think Miss Erin got an earful about it, poor sweet lady. I took some myself and I think they turned out well. I must have been channeling my favorite photographer, Uncle Bruce. :D Seriously, watching him take pictures over the last 37 years is the only reason I can take decent pictures now. His candids of friends and family are more precious to me than any posed shot from a portrait studio.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Robot fight

I was told they were playing "Robot Wars". How pink butterfly wings fits into a robot costume, I didn't ask.

Sweet Sixteen

Katie turned 16 yesterday. Her BFF from CT came down as a surprise and 4 other friends came over for a sleepover. Lots of Wii playing, eating of chocolate and laughing made for a fun evening. Chris took the little kids to see 'Up' and I hung out with the teens.
16 years have flown by.