Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Like good homeschooling parents, Chris and I had never allowed the kids to have a game console. That is part of the list that "good" homeschooling parents keep to. You know the one that also says: No corporate logos, No toys with batteries, No processed foods, No TV, No babysitters, No plastic toys, No disposable diapers etc....
Since we failed on all the other "good homeschooling parents rules" we threw caution to the wind and said OK to a Wii.
My mom and uncle were generous enough to buy a Wii for the kids for Christmas along with a couple games. I bought a couple more games and some "needed" accessories like an extra MarioKart wheel and numchuck. Well, if this thing isn't the most fun!!
Chris and I play, Ben plays and of course, all the kids in between can play. We've always been a game playing family but once you get such a wide age range you start running into problems regarding ability. Sure, all the big kids and Chris and I can play Candyland with the littles but every parent who is honest will admit that after the first 10 or so Candyland games with their oldest child they would rather chew glass then commune with Lord Licorice and Queen Frostine E.V.E.R. A.G.A.I.N.
The younger kids know the rules of games like chess and backgammon but playing against children 5-10 years older then they are just isn't fair. The beauty of the Wii is that children and adults of different abilities and ages can play together and everyone has a good time and not just staring at a screen but talking and interacting and having fun together. Chris and I are to old and befuddled to play complicated games but even we can handle tennis, golf, bowling and even a little Mario Kart or WWII Aces. Chris can play Madden 09 with Jack too.
The cute games on Wii play are just right for the 8 and under set.
We'll have to see if the novelty wears off but I don't think it will.


Kalona said...

K, our grandkids got a Wii for Christmas, too. I love that they are moving and not just sitting their using their thumbs. :o) Like your family, all of them from the 12 year old to the 4 year old can play and have fun. Even my 82 year old mom tried her hand at bowling--so cute. :o) Have fun!

Aussie Therese said...

We got the wii last Christmas and this year we got Super Mario Galaxy. I was roped in and love playing this one just as much as the children do. I have to stop Tom from telling me what to do and work out the puzzles myself lol.

I agree it is a great family game. Everyone has their favourite game on it.

The Real Katie said...

Wiis are amazingly fun!

Sports is great exercise. :)

Alley said...

I love our Wii. Our kids are 15-9 and they can all play games at the same time. They all start at the same level with most games, so it makes it better on the smaller oones.

I make sure to tell them to beat their best and not worry about how the others did.

Sardine Mama said...

Welcome to the dark side :).