Monday, January 12, 2009

The Somerville is that for random?

I've been 'friended' by a lot of old classmates from high school lately which led me to a Facebook group "You knew you group in Hillsborough if..." along with "I survived the Somerville Circle." I've had quite a few smiles reminscing about my old stomping grounds although the Somerset County of the 80's was a lot different then it looks now.

For those deprived people who have no idea what I am talking about: the wikipedia article on the Circle

It is a circle (sometimes called a rotary) where 4 highways intersected. It was kind of like a gauntlet. You drove through, white-knuckled, hoping no one hit you and vice versa. It was a bit of rite of passage the first time you drove through yourself after getting your license. There was (and is) a right way and wrong way to drive the Circle and I promise if you do it the wrong way the ever-so-kind-and-loving-NJ-drivers will let you know with supportively mouthed words and encouraging hand gestures.

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Karen said...

You have to love that our driver's ed teachers from the private driving school took us to the Somerville circle on either the first or second lesson. That alone should be in the "You know you grew up in Hillsborough if..."