Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am going to go back to my room in a minute and fill out the birth certificate paperwork in a minute and make it official.

Re: updates on Tristan. I will be primarily only updating the blog regarding my little fighter instead of emailing individuals and posting on boards. So please pass along this tidbit to anyone you know who wants info about him.

We had/are having an eventful morning. Along with a name Tristan will be receiving an IV and a needle aspiration of his chest and possibly a chest tube. His chest X-ray this morning revealed a pneumothorax. They dc'd the CPAP and have him under a hood on 100% oxygen and he is doing much better but still working too hard. Dr. Doogie (our young but very nice neonatalogist on call today) presented a plan in these parts while showing us Tristan's x-ray:
a)we need to clear the air from his chest. First, he'll insert a needle and aspirate. Then take an x-ray. If his lung stays inflated and no more air accumulates, he's done. If the pneumo comes back they will place a chest tube.

b) he is not tolerating his feeds well and is spitting up too much which stresses him even more. They are stopping his feeds and starting an IV for nutrition and will be freezing what ever colostrum/milk I am able to pump.

c) since they are placing the IV anyway they will start some prophylactic abx until all his cultures come back clear. They are pretty sure there is no infection but we want to be 100% positive. An infection is the last thing he needs now.

We are hoping that I'll be able to hang around as a border for an extra day or two but I can only do that if they have free rooms. Currently, L&D and PP here are full with people waiting for rooms. Pray they have space for me for at least one more night.

On the good news front everyone concurs he is STRONG and once he clears this "little" hurdle he'll do great. He is pooping and peeing so all the plumbing works fine. His bloodwork is still coming back normal every time, even his bilirubin is acceptable.

Thank you very much for the prayers. Chris, Tristan and I appreciate them more than you know.

This is Tristan this morning after having his CPAP dc'd. He is MUCH happier without that blinkity-blank thing in his nose!!
pardon the poor quality but right now cell phone pictures are all y'all get.


Suzanne said...

Prayers for you and your baby!

whyburd said...

Congratulations Karen Chris and family. Prayers being said for Tristan and praying all goes well He is so cute. His weight seems okay too Now if we could just get his lungs working okay all would be fine. Hope you get to stay near him for at least one more day or more if possible. Is the hospital far from your house? God Bless you all
P.S WOW last baby I remember you having was Ben somewhere I missed out on Lucy

Kaytee said...

SCREAM!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! HE'S SO CUTE!! I've been praying the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy for him everynight since he was born. Give him a big kiss and hug from me and tell him I can't wait to see him.

- - - Katie F.