Saturday, May 3, 2008


No, I'm not excited or anything :D

I held him while they changed his bedding. Oh, it was the BEST! He did wonderfully out of the hood. His sats only dropped into the 80's and he was fussy too. That is a HUGE improvement. The nurse was thrilled and added a long note to his chart so the doc and NNP would see it. Hopefully, he'll get out of the hood tomorrow and be on a cannula instead. We are FINALLY headed in the right direction.
We got some pictures (with the new super camera). I just noticed that there is a USB connection on this computer. I might, just might be able to upload them straight to here from the camera.
His weight is down to 6-8 but that isn't bad at all considering how little food he has gotten. They just added lipids to his TPN so that will boost him a little. If he continues to do well they will start feeding him my milk via tube again. Pumping is going pretty well and he has quite a few ounces of frozen colustrum/milk waiting for him.

We asked just how many babies are in this NICU right now. THRITY SIX. It turns out that this is *the* NICU for the large health system this hospital is part of. I thought only the two Children's Hospitals had NICU's this large. Learn something new every day. Everyone here is just wonderful. I will eventually get around to writing more about the experience once Tristan is out and home.


Karen said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new son - he is positively adorable and while I'm sad to hear he has to spend time in the NICU, I'm thrilled to hear he's progressing so well. Sending all of our love and prayers!

Joanie said...

We are praying for your beautiful family here in CA. I think the name is awesome. Hopefully the message got to Kath and Russell in Lourdes, to pray for you all. Congrats and we love you, Joanie and George

Anonymous said...

You know...I do have a little experience with NICU in San Antonio. Where are you?

Nine Texans and friends.... said...

thanks for all the prayers everyone.
I don't want to specify what hospital I am at on such a public forum but suffice to say we are NOT at either of the large children's hospitals here in SA.

Karen said...

Continued prayers for Tristan!