Monday, May 5, 2008

Guess who?

Is breathing room air and in a regular crib??

Chris and I both got to hold him tonight. Tristan is just doing awesome! He really turned around late this afternoon. Tomorrow I get to nurse him. We're rapidly heading towards discharge!!
Go Tristan!


JenniferM said...

The Internet is great... I tried to call and see how Tristan is doing. No luck with hospital or home, so I gave a stab at seeing if you're posting about him anywhere. And, here you are! It's great to hear he's doing well. I wanted to know if I could ask for prayers for him from the prayer list at St. J's and see what else you guys could use in the way of help. I owe you a bunch of food! : ) We're praying here that he makes it home quickly!
-The McDevitts

Katie said...

yayeth! keep on rockin' little guy! I want to see you so bad!

Mom, now you have to change your blog name to Ten Texans.

Karen said...

Yeah Tristan! Hope he's home with you soon :)

Kaytee said...

I am sooo happy that he's doing well!!!! I'll give Katie a call soon for more info... I've went 2 days without calling and screaming over the phone. I'm pretty dang proud of myself. :)

Katie F.

Karen said...