Friday, May 9, 2008

More pictures!

Yes, we are home. Came home yesterday afternoon. We didn't tell the kids ( I drove tristan and myself home as I had the Beetle and his car seat ). They were SO excited to see us driving up, it was fabulous and I, of course, dissolved into a puddle-as I often do these days. Dang hormones.
Munchkin man, Squeaker, T-man....Tristan is doing very well. Still a bit yellow but at a week old it isn't much a concern. We have a follow up tomorrow and Monday and then we should be good to go for at least 2 weeks. I expect his pedi to follow him a little closer than most newborns because of the pneumo.
Chris took the kids to Sea World so it is just Lucy, Tristan and me hangin' out.

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AtYourCervix said...

Mmmmmm baby love!! I love the shots of Tristan! Gorgeous!

Congrats on the birth - I'm glad things ended well!