Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm a dog magnet.

Why, oh why??. I love dogs. Everyone knows that. I think it is an inherited gene from my grandfather. Problem is, I already HAVE a dog AND 7 kids AND three guinea pigs AND two lizards AND two wild cats that *think* they are mine.
This evening while the little ones were playing outside what looks like a Cock-a-poo came up the driveway. He's pretty muddy but has been groomed in the not too distant past and even still smells a little of shampoo. I drove around with him looking for anyone calling a dog. Of course he has no collar or nametag and I, nor any of the kids recognize him and trust me, we know the majority of the dogs in the subdivision, at least by sight. No luck. I'll call the local vets and put up flyers tomorrow, I'll take him down to a vet and see if he was microchipped. He MUST belong to someone. Why would anyone bathe and groom THEN dump a dog? He and Murphy are getting along fine although Murphy is being his usual doofy self and trying to get this little guy to play and he just won't give up.

We aren't keeping this one too although the girls would love it. I think my dogs and I would have to move into the shed:-)

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