Sunday, April 8, 2007

He is Risen!


Our Easter started out slightly eventful. During the night we must have lost power. When Christopher woke up at 7:45 all the clocks were flashing so the alarm hadn't gone off-set for 6:45. He went and got the children up. We *thought* we had plenty of time, not having to leave until 9AM or so to get to 10AM Mass. Well, Ian remembered that for Easter Sunday Mass was at 9!!!! AAACCKKKKK!!! It was run, run, run. We got to Mass late but not too late.

We came home and had our customary egg hunt (indoors and outdoors) We did mostly indoors because it was so cold and wet, in the mid 40's!!! You would think we were still in CT with that kind of weather for Easter.

I took plenty of pictures. Some notes on the pictures.
Katie and Christopher had already changed out of church clothes and Katie was wrapped up in this pink fleece wrap she is so fond of. All the confetti and glitter you see everywhere is from cascarones (I'm not THAT bad of a housekeeper to have my floors look like that normally)
What are cascarones you may ask?
Cascarones are confetti-filled eggs, decorated much like Easter eggs. A Mexican tradition also popular in the Southwestern US, cascarones are typically used during Easter but also show up during special occasions such as graduations and fiestas. Having a cascaron broke over your head is said to bring good luck or can indicate that you have an admirer..

I have more but my ISP is having fits.....

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MamaEscandon said...

Looks like the kids had a great Easter! Clare had her first try at the Easter Egg hunt with her Daddy helping! She was really cute! We forgot our camera but tried to get as much as we could with camera phones. :o/