Saturday, April 7, 2007

How you know you live in the country....

Overheard conversation between two teen checkout girls at the tractor supply store (a.k.a. the best 'man store' ever according to Chris)

Teen girl #1: Hey, have you seen Keith lately?
Teen girl #2: No, why?
Teen girl #1: He got a new truck.
Teen girl #2: Yeah...
Teen girl#1: He went totally 'Grandpa'!
Teen girl #2: What'd he do?
Teen girl #1: He traded in his 350 for a ONE FIFTY with a ............bed cover! (said like Keith had gone over to the dark side)
Teen girl #2: Does it at least have a lift kit and big tires?
Teen girl #1: No, it's totally lame!


When/where I was growing up teen girls didn't a) think it was cool to own ANY pickup truck b) couldn't tell you the difference between a 350 and 150 if their life depending on it c) the term 'bed cover' would not have conjured up images of a pickup and certainly did not define the coolness of any boy

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