Saturday, April 14, 2007

Did you ever think......

Have you done (or said) things you never thought you would in a million years? Once my friend Stacey and I were
talking about the things we do/say as Mom's we never thought we would. Saying "Take that underwear off your head!" seems as normal as saying "It's raining out today."
As a mom playing nurse, chauffeur, chef all in a day's work but now I seem to have added a new hat to my collection.
Vet. In the last week I have an iodine rid them of mites. Ever try bathing a 5 inch long lizard that only weighs a couple of ounces...and not get it in his eyes? They don't sell tear-free lizard shampoo.

One of our local stray tomcats got in a fight (nothing new there). Well he had a wicked wound over his eye. I've been putting antibiotic ointment on it. Well today the scab came off when I was cleaning it and it started to ooze green pus. I wrap him in a towel (to protect myself from his claws) and start expressing the goo out of the abscess on his head. Not a happy cat. Finally get him all patched up (filling the wound with antibiotic ointment) and on his way. Amazingly, he still is rubbing my legs and wanting attention. He must have been someone's pet, there is no way a cat like him was born wild. Now to get him to the vet and get neutered!! He isn't very big and the other tom's are kicking his patoot. Don't y'all worry, I'm very careful with these cats, wash my hands vigorously after dealing with them and will be trapping and fixing and vaccinating the bunch.

Murphy desperately wants to play with Blackie. Blackie thinks Murphy is an idiot. Murphy dances around Blackie barking and play-bowing and Blackie sits there and looks at him.

Here are Murphy and Lucy looking at Blackie and Blackie begging to come in as usual. I keep telling him he is NOT MY CAT but he isn't listening :-)


Lilder said...

Wanna come bath my cats? I only have two... ;)

Therese said...

Have you seen the cat spa? I thought about that when you said that you wrapped the cat to protect yourself. The cat in the spa didn't hurt anyone but he was one unhappy kitty.