Monday, November 15, 2010

What a week looks like at our house...

could also be titled, "How many miles Karen puts on the van every week."
People often wonder what homeschoolers 'do' all day. This is what our week looks like excepting book/study.

Sunday-Mass. The rest of the day we relax at home. I try take a nap and it is usually a fairly quiet day.

Monday-Emma has Odyssey of the Mind. In other years we have had anywhere from 1-4 children participating and sometimes I was a coach or co-coach. This year it is just Emma. PHEW! Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving competition and looks like this:

In this photo is a sheep, a radish, a farmer and some mice. Can you find them? Of course they are there "OM style"
This is a photo from the middle school team, OM 2009.

Tuesday- Katie goes to volunteer at the .Institute of Texan Cultures
and Jack and Ian have Civil Air Patrol.

Wednesday- Grace rides. She usually rides this horse, Tequila. Tequila is a quarter horse/thoroughbred cross. I like her, she has spunk. Grace likes her too. Mr. Scott? Thinks she is a pain in the neck :D to put it nicely. She has been riding for over three years and is getting pretty good. It is amazing what riding can do for a child's confidence.

Jack, Katie, Emma and Ben have taekwondo on Wednesday afternoons. I love our TKD school! Their teacher, Ginger, is a home schooling mom of 7 and black belt and grandma, although you would never think she was a grandma :D She is patient and firm and sets the bar high but works just as hard as the kids do to get them to that next goal. I am so appreciative of her influence on the children and the closeness of her home/school to our house! :D

Thursday-chess club for Jack and Ian. It is a community chess club run by a local lawyer. They play every week and go to tournaments every couple months.

Friday-Jack and Katie go to math tutoring downtown. We are very blessed to have good friend from CAP, Cindi, who is a math major at UTSA who tutors Katie and Jack in math for FREE. Grace has piano lessons with Ellie.

Classical Spotlight: EP Rachmaninoff from Classical Spotlight on Vimeo.

Saturday-sometimes Grace rides in the morning, sometimes we have a chess tournament, sometimes Chris needs to go set of rockets for CAP, sometimes we actually stay home and get caught up on housework and yardwork.

How many miles do I put on my van in a week? About 350

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aka the Mom said...

Sounds a lot like my week. We drive a bit less, but not much.