Friday, November 12, 2010

Look who has arrived!

"Look who has arrived!!" Ben announced as he brought me Max this morning. Ben likes to check and see if Max is awake in the mornings. Max is about 16 lbs now and pretty sturdy. When Ben carries Max he kind of holds Max around the middle and Max tips to either one side or the other. It looks precarious (it isn't) but regardless of what awkward angle he is tipped at, Max has a huge smile on his face. Max is one super happy baby in the morning. I don't understand. We had the same amount of sleep approximately and I am not one super happy mommmy, I am barely awake mommmy and that is after 16 oz of coffee.

I am not one of those ultra-organized homeschooling moms, much to my mother's and husband's chagrin. I don't ring a bell at 6:30AM or wake my kids with the scent of freshly baked scones. My kids kind of trickle down the stairs between 7:30 and 9AM (or later) they stumble into the kitchen and get some breakfast, then get dressed, then on a good day we get going with school, we'll save what a bad day looks like for another time. Somewhere in there, with just about all of them, even the big boys, they stop. They stop and say "Good Morning!!" to Max and get a big gummy grin. The girls usually stop and play with him for a few minutes and squish his yummy cheeks and tickle him to get a belly laugh. I sometimes get a little melancholy watching Katie with him as I know/hope that at this time next year she'll be gone and won't have the same relationship with him that she has had with the other kids. Usually, I watch and appreciate the fact that they are all home and get to watch him grow and develop and love on him. They don't just see him a few hours or minutes a day here or there. I'm trying to adjust to the fact that our family is entering a new time in our lives. Our older children will start into adulthood and won't be around as often, either they'll be at school or have jobs. Even if they are living here, they won't *be* here. For the big kids and I, them missing out on the littlest ones growing up will be sad. Somehow I think *Queen Lucy's usual morning greeting, "I said, make me cereal, NOW!" will help soften the blow.

*Lucy has informed us "I am not a princess, I am the QUEEN."

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Sardine Mama said...

I get it. Totally. I'm sitting in a hotel, VERY FAR FROM HOME, with a kid who pretty much wants to live here (VERY FAR FROM HOME) permanently. And somehow the lives of her siblings will go on without her...first one to fly...will it be harder than letting go of the last one? Or easier? We'll have to wait and see. Of course, some of us will have to wait longer :).