Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks for the responses

While I have no intention of writing a novel for NaNoWriMo, although sometimes I dream of writing a novel about a midwife but that is neither here nor there, I will make an effort to write here more frequently. I have some 'deeper' posts planned, we'll see if I have the guts to publish them :D

We've been pretty busy, shocking, I know, that a homeschooling family with 9 children would be busy. Chris' Oct trip to Paris was canceled which ended up being providential as the radiator on the van blew up and he spent all day one Saturday replacing the radiator along with a serpentine belt and pulley. Jack and Katie worked at the local county Republican Party Headquarters cold-calling registered voters. They enjoyed it and it was a real eye-opener in many ways. We're working on school, and college apps for Katie and getting Jack ready for dual credit classes next Spring. Halloween came and went and we are now looking forward to Thanksgiving....I think. We had our first taekwondo tournament of the year and Katie, Jack and Emma competed. Lots of trophies and lots of fun, except the hard kick to the ribs Jack took during sparring but he got back up and finished the match.

I took 6 of the kids to the zoo while I was stuck downtown between a drop off and pick up. The SA Zoo is misery in the summer but an absolutely lovely place to walk around on a beautiful fall weekday.

Max is 5 months old today and I can't believe how time flies. He is rolling everywhere and frequently must be rescued from under tables or jammed up against the fireplace. He is getting up on all fours and I don't think crawling is more than 6-8 weeks away at best. No teeth \o/

See? No teeth, not even a hint of one. I love it!!

This is what Trick or Treating looks like in our 'hood. Trucks and tractors pulling trailers with hay bales and 5-20 kids on each.

Gorgeous picture of Max and Lucy that KATIE snapped.

Daddy and Tristan doing Tristan's absolute favorite thing in the whole world, riding in the trailer of the John Deere.

Grace, Emma, Ben, Lucy and Tristan on the lion statues at the San Antonio Zoo. Yes, it is permitted to climb on them. The ears of the statues are this lovely polished bronze from all the little hands holding on to them.

Katie and Jack. They are teenagers. 'Nuff said.

More Max....

My ridiculously photogenic neighbor, Martha, with Max on Halloween. That is the same clown outfit Katie wore 17 years ago.

Tristan two fisting lollipops in his soldier costume. He loved trick or treating. As he left houses he hollered back "Bye people!!!"

And I leave you with just a little MORE MAX!!


JenniferM said...

Have you read All for the Love of Mothers (Lepanto Press)? It's the memoirs of a pre-WWI German midwife. Very interesting stories of human nature at it's best and worst (mostly worst). I'll bring it to you if you're interested.

I bought us an annual membership to the zoo when it came up for 1/2 price on Groupon. It doesn't begin until we actually go. This time of year is great (we went last year about this time) except that I don't feel much like walking around the zoo right now. So, spring it shall be. : )

K said...

I read it last year, Katie read it also, we both really enjoyed it. I have quite a few midwife memoirs and fiction actually. That is one of my favorites.

The Other Katie said...

Wonder of wonders! Somewhere behind those shaky hands is a photographer that peeps out now and then to get shots like that. :-P Who'd have thunk it?

aka the Mom said...

there can never be too much Max

The Original Katie said...

Ooh Karen, have any good midwife fiction and/or memoir recs for me to read? I'm trying to find some.