Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doctors who will do VBACs in San Antonio

Dr. Gail Van Wingerden
Dr. Ricardo Munoz
Dr. Peter Kuhl

Dr.Munoz and Dr. Van use North Central Baptist. NCB is a nice hospital but it has a very high epidural rate and since these are the only two docs that do VBAC's the nurses aren't very comfortable with it from my experience. The NICU there is wonderful, especially Dr.Wearden, who is a driving force behind promoting/supporting breastfeeding in the NICU's all over San Antonio.

The Lonestar Midwives do VBAC's as does Dr. Peter Kuhl with Lonestar OB/Gyn. The midwives only use St Lukes Baptist and Dr. Kuhl uses St. Lukes and Methodist. St. Lukes isn't as aesthetically pleasing as Methodist or NCB but they practice couplet care and the L&D nurses, in my experience, are very comfortable with VBAC and unmedicated childbirth. If I have another baby I will not hesitate to return to Dr. Kuhl and St. Lukes. I've had 9 babies, in 9 facilities with 6 different practitioners (OB's and midwives) and Dr. Kuhl is my favorite. I've had some other good experiences and amazing physicians and midwives but for all around good match with my ideals, Dr. Kuhl and SLBH win.

I hear the Institute for Women's Health physicians also support VBAC but I have no experience or information on them aside from that they use St. Lukes.

The birth center in San Antonio supports VBAC also.

I love discussing my VBAC's and if anyone wants particulars of my experience having a VBAC in San Antonio please leave your contact info in the comm box.


JenniferM said...

Thanks! I can see why people are searching for this as it's hard-to-come-by information.
Pray I'll have a VBAC to tell you all about soon enough! : )

Karen said...

I can add one in Maine... Dr. William George in Waterville. :-D

Lillian said...

I just found your blog! I live in SA too! I know the San Antonio Birthing center (off Wurzbach, across from St. Luke's) will do VBAC's up to after 2 csections.

Nice finding you!

BWest said...

I am looking for a dr who will let me have a vba3c I am healthy 33 yr old, and I have a posterior placenta. I live in San Antonio,Texas

K said...

Bwest- I know of no practitioner in SA that will attend a vba3c aside from home birth midwives. Depending on your hx and reason for your c-sections the SA birth center might accept you as a patient but last I heard they only took vba2c or vba1c. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.

Samantha Bosquez said...

2 more doctors that will do vbacs and vba2c

Abraham Alecozay, MD

7430 Barlite Boulevard
Suite 105
San Antonio, TX 78224

Scheel Nayar, DO

7386 Barlite Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78224
they both do deliverys at the birth place @sw general :) i'll be going for my vba2c when she decides to make her debut

Shavonne Ramirez said...

Hi im 33yr old preg w 2nd baby 15 yrs apart. My son was csec (breech) and I really dont want anthr c section and I am interested in vbac. I have had 2 ectopic surgeries and would like advice on if I am a good candidate. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thnks!