Monday, March 30, 2009

News brief

Or brief news:

Peter is home and doing well. Deo gratias!

We had a nice time in Houston for the OM State Tournament, the team placed 6th.

Katie is going to the University of Dallas Summer Program and enjoying taekwondo. Yes, you read that right, Katie is doing martial arts. Katie.

Jack is agonizing over which CAP activity to do this summer and placed first in his division at a city wide chess tournament.

Ian is OK with the 6th place but thinking he may want to do a technical problem for OM next year. We will also be trying again for a Space Camp scholarship. A big thank you to those who contributed to that effort!

Grace is totally fine with the 6th place finish and had a blast in Houston and even made a new friend from another team.

Emma is looking forward to her dance recital in June and we are all shuffle-hop-stepping in preparation.

Ben will miss his weekly playtime with Jasper now that OM is over but it ended with a bang at Jasper's birthday party today. He is FIIIIIIIIVVVEEEEE!!

Lucy is 100% fine. Never would have known this time last week she was in the hospital.

Tristan is still thinking about walking and will be attending his NICU reunion on Saturday.

One of these days I will write something witty, pithy or thought provoking here.

PS. Garden is going well. Ice plant was a failure. Nasturtiums are hard to start. Lovin' the grow light!!

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Sardine Mama said...

Dude - I am giving you an AWARD! Check out my blog to claim it.