Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin

I cannot recall a VP candidate that caused as much of a stir as Sarah Palin. Many people are questioning her decision to pursue the office with a baby, a special needs baby no less. I admit it gives me pause too. I know *I* could never do it, just like I couldn't go back to work 14 days after my baby is born as my dentist is doing. But I am not Sarah Palin nor Dr R.
A decision like this is never taken lightly and I am sure she and her husband talked and prayed about it for a very, very long time. I can't imagine being faced with such a sacrifice and such an opportunity to work for what I believe in. A large part of me is being selfish. I like the idea of a mom of a special needs child in a high office. The country will watch Trig grow and develop and special needs children won't be as invisible as many people wish they were. At what sacrifice is this for Trig though? I am sure that he will have the best therapists in DC working with him and his father and siblings will be very available to him but what his Mom?
I won't address her daughter's situation more than this; teen pregnancy can happen to any family whether the mother works at home or is a SAHM no matter what religion, what beliefs they hold..young women of all backgrounds find themselves in this situation. The Palin's seem to be handling it with as much grace and dignity as possible and I pray that Bristol has a healthy pregnancy and baby. As Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that."
Politically, I agree with Sarah Palin's positions on just about everything. On a less important side but one that I will admit to, I just like her. I can't see myself having anything to say to Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama (I can't recall Joe Biden's wife) but Sarah Palin comes off as a regular woman, a hockey mom, not a fashionista.
Some may say that I'm just falling for the Republican ploy, they want the hockey mom vote, fine, maybe I am.

To end this post on a light note. I nominate myself for President of the Piper Palin Fan Club. That little girl won my heart tonight. She is so sweet and innocent and obviously loves her baby brother very much.

Adding some more thoughts:
Todd Palin is a stay at home dad. It seems he is referred to in Alaska as the 'First Dude'. As 'Second Gentleman' in DC I don't believe he would have too many public duties. Just how often do we see Lynn Cheney making appearances and honestly, if she never did, would we miss her? Nothing against Lynn Cheney but the VP's spouse isn't really in the public spotlight. How many of you reading this even knew Mrs. Cheney's first name?
Contrast that to the duties of the First Lady. The modern First Lady is not Dolly Madison hanging her laundry to dry in the Oval Office. She is a public figure with a grueling schedule of public appearances here at home and abroad. She commands her own staff and has her own causes and platform. For all intents and purposes the FLoftheUS is a working mom. Just as busy, if not more so, than a CEO. All that said, no one has ever wondered if Chelsea Clinton or Malia and Maya Obama will have adequate time with their mothers and their fathers were POTUS and certainly not as available to them as Todd Palin will presumably be to his children. Just a thought.
Now if McCain dies or becomes too ill to fulfill his duties as POTUS and Sarah Palin becomes POTUS, well, then obviously things will be different. I do believe that this country wouldn't be looking for the First Gentlemen (that sounds so strange) to be as much of a public figure as the First Lady. I have a hard time picturing Todd Palin, a former fisherman and snowmobile champion wearing Chanel suits (well, I guess we wouldn't make him wear Chanel suits :D ) opening Children's hospitals and campaigning against colon cancer or what have you.... Maybe any readers from Alaska would chime in. He just doesn't seem the public type.


JenniferM said...

I don't know Gov. Palin's life story, but I think it's silly for anyone to criticize her going back to work after Trig was born and not equally criticizing her working rather than staying home with her other 4 kids. (I'm presuming here, of course, that she didn't spend 5 or more years at home with each of them.) I'm sure he's as well cared for as any of her other kids--if not better. I don't know why his medical problems would suddenly make him more qualified to receive care from his actual mother.

And, on another note, I was leaning toward voting for Baldwin for no other reason than to attempt the 5% needed to get his party into future national debates. I certainly wasn't interested in voting for McCain or Obama. But, I like what I've heard so far about Palin. VP is a powerful office and all, but should you vote for someone simply because they're VP might come close to being a decent candidate? I think I'll have to read more about her...

The Real Katie said...

I watched part of the speech last night too. I thought she was great! She's so real. I'm definitely going to google her and find out some more...

christinemm said...

The only part I want to add to is about Todd Palin. I can't believe some people are not happy and want him to be more refined. What snobs. Look back to the beginnings of our country when those in elected office were more real people. Think of Abigail Adams working on the farm. Yes she was educated but she was a hard worker with her own hands.

Some people say they don't like elitists or rich WASPs in office yet when one or the other may land in office it is 'not good enough'? This Palin thing has some Americans talking out of both sides of their mouths.

I am so annoyed I've not blogged on this topic yet as it is just too much to ponder and to pare my thoughts down about.