Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Back to School Potluck

Known around here as the NBTS Potluck. The NBTS Potluck was last night at our home. This is our third year hosting it, and by far the largest turnout. I didn't make a final head count but including our crew it was over 50 people, children outnumbering adults about 3-1. Everyone seemed to have a great time, at least I know I did :-)

First, the cake that says it all, made by Amy C. Didn't she do an awesome job?!

It was a potluck so there was eating.

With 30 kids running about there was lots of playing, goofing and well, running until well past sunset.

Tweens and young teens doing what they do best.

Dads held babies and moms got to talk. My friend, Diane, is due in February with her fourth, isn't she beautiful?

The teens migrated out to the shed where John hooked up his guitar and amp. Not long after Chris went out to join them and John and Chris played for hours.


JoAnnC. said...

Looks like an awesome group and looks like lots of fun! I'm definitely going to have to borrow that cake idea!

Skeptic said...

Cool idea for a party.
Wish I had a back yard (sigh)

Thinking of you.
Hugs, Cris.
(AKA Skeptic)