Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I don't like Ike.

Friday afternoon update: Ike will barely impact us at all here in Wilson County. We may get some rain and wind but it is possible for us to get nothing. A little farther east and they will get 6+ inches of rain so if the storm moves a little farther west we could get more severe weather, we'll just wait and see. Galveston and Houston though are going to be devastated. Much of Galveston is already flooded and landfall is still 12 hours away. Pray!! They are needed.
We are happy to have my friend Dana and her family staying with us. They live in a mandatory evacuation zone in Pasadena.

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Karen said...

Hope everything goes smoothly - a lot of news coverage on Ike even here on the local news. I'll be thinking of you guys!