Saturday, August 2, 2008


Can you believe it? Tristan is three months old today! Time flies. Three months on the outside went a whole lot faster than three months on the inside.

He is a great baby. I know all moms say that but he really is. God took pity on me and gave me a super easygoing, happy baby.

Tristan is heading towards the 'Ian' growth curve and is pushing 14 lbs. He is well into 3-6 months clothes and wearing size 2 diapers. Most of his hair has fallen out but is coming back in brown. Smiles, coos and giggles are common now. Get ready for the big news...
For the last three nights, he has slept through the night. Really slept through the night. Not just the 5 hours in a row 'they' say is sleeping through the night. Down around 10, and then I wake him up around 6AM because I am so uncomfortable and then he sleeps until about 9AM. The icing on the cake? He is doing this sleeping in his crib. not on me or next to me. He found his thumb which is part of this great event as he can soothe himself back to sleep if he stirs. This may not last but I will enjoy it while it does!


Karen said...

3 Months already - that really did go by quickly! From early pictures I thought he looked more like Christopher but I'm seeing all you now. And do you think you could get him to phone the twins and give them the secret to sleeping? :)

Karen said...

That's great, Karen! Ysabel will sleep those 5 hr stretches every now and then. She is already a month old! Crazy how time flies by! Tristan is so handsome!