Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school

What do homeschoolers do on the first day of school?
Cover books? No.
Sharpen pencils? No.
Sit in alphabetized seating assignments? No.
Get up at 6:30AM to get on a bus? No.
Staking out territory in the new cafeteria? No.

This is what we do........

The lorakeets were a lot of fun as you can see. A couple typical K family mishaps. I wasn't watching Ben closely enough when I was getting the nectar. I handed each little cup back to the kids and before I knew it Ben had taken off the top and chugged it! :-D
Then Lucy didn't make the connection that lorakeets are NOT chickens and was trying to pick them up which they don't appreciate. No birds were harmed and no one was thrown out of the lorakeet exhibit.

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Kalona said...

What a great first day of school! They look like they are having a blast. :o)