Friday, March 28, 2008

Super Cheeks

I went to the OB today. Baby performed admirably. Ultrasound showed an average (not small as we feared) baby with plenty of fluid and a healthy placenta. Baby is currently head down (and has been for a while) with his/her feet up by the head/face and actually looked to be trying to suck some toes. Leave it to my child to not suck a fist/hand/thumb in utero but TOES. :-)

Definitely a K_____baby. Check out these cheeks!

In other 'news'. Jack is at CTEP for the weekend. Katie's OotM state tournament is next weekend. She and I will leave for Houston next Friday afternoon and come back Sunday afternoon.

Gracie had a nice birthday. I took her, Emma and a friend out to lunch and she had cake, ice cream and presents at home.

I have a few Easter pictures, not many, as Chris and I split Masses this year so there was no point in time when everyone was dressed up together. I'll put them up eventually.

I got a new vacuum cleaner....again. Chris bought me a good vacuum at Christmas. Consumer Reports Best Buy and all that. I went to turn it on last weekend and it turned on, then shut itself off, never to come on again despite the fact there were no clogs, new bag, perfectly fine belt etc..... The Eureka repair guy replaced the (perfect) cord and did a few other minor things to try and get it going to no avail. He finally took out the motor and tried to power it up by itself and it was a no go. Motor was fried. After less than FOUR months. That is what you get for buying CPC (cheap plastic crap) from China.
We can't take it back to the store, the Eureka warrantee dept is notoriously stingy and unhelpful. Chris sold the blinkity-blank one for parts (getting what he paid for it originally since it was on sale) and bought me a Rikkar, Made in the USA of all metal parts with real horsehair brush attachments.....also has a FIVE YEAR parts and LABOR guarantee. This thing sucks like mad and makes a Dyson look like a toy :-)


Karen said...

Got a website on that vac? is it Rikkar or Riccar? I bought an Oreck (used but fairly new and reconditioned) and I am tired of the issues I have with it with hair. It works GREAT as long as I take out the roller every single time and clean it in the crevice where is spins making sure it is free of hair. Otherwise it smells like someONE is burning, iykwim? lol

Kaytee said...

So cool!!