Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quickie update

Chris: back from Mexico, working hard as usual, consented to build me raised beds for a vegetable garden-what a wonderful man he is. SMOOCH!
Karen: still pregnant. still being watched like a ticking time bomb BUT the bomb has yet to go off. less than 10 weeks to go!! WOO HOO!!!
Katie: team placed first by a landslide at OotM regionals. They still have a LOT of work to do to be contenders for Worlds at the State competition in April. Keep your eye on the blog for begging for funds for the trip to Worlds ;-)
Jack: promoted to Staff Sergeant last week. Yes, I have pictures, no, I haven't uploaded them yet. He is now an NCO and has all the addt'l responsibilities that go with it. He is stoked! He is attending CTEP at the end of March (leadership school) and will be able to add a cool red/blue cord to his uniform. Won't he look sharp!
Ian: is doing great! Having a blast at Chess Club. He has also started attending CAP meetings. They let children under 12 (usually 10 and 11) year olds attend and participate in meetings, out of uniform and without officially joining, just to get the flavor of it. It is pretty common for younger siblings of active cadets to do this. Ian's first mile time beat Jack's first mile time in PT.
Grace: is not riding for almost two months as her instructor will be away. It won't be hard for her to fill her time as spring has sprung in TX and Gracie is my gardening girl.
Emma: has made her First Confession and is getting ready for First Holy Communion sometime May. No firm date yet. Fr isn't the most organized pastor :-)
Ben: is Ben. Usually dirty and happy because of it.
Lucy: talking up a storm and terminally cute.
Glow Worm: still don't know if it is a boy or girl (so stop asking). No, we aren't sharing names either. A pretty quiet baby, moves just enough to let me know all is well.


Christine said...

I just saw your comment on Minnesota Mom - You have a great blog and interesting life down there in Texas! Again - great blog! Congrats on your baby!

christinemm said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight and leaving a post.

There was actually no nonsense today. HOORAY! No uber-parents, no angry parents, no angry kids, no sad kids. Actually the race dragged on and I think everyone got bored. LOL.