Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring in TX

Some pictures from this afternoon. Unfortunately, I about gave my neighbor a heart attack. I laid down on the ground to get the picture of the bluebonnet with the house and girls in the background. Bob couldn't see the camera in my hands and thought I fell. It's great to have such caring neighbors but I felt so bad for frightening them.


Karen said...

Oh wow, never realized til just now seeing those Bluebonnets u close just how much they look like Lupine! lol Same leaves and all, except BLUE, LOL. I do miss the fields full of Bluebonnets in Texas though. And it is weird to see your children out playing in shorts, etc., we're expecting more snow this wk! ACK!

Kaytee said...

Lucy's getting so big! And Grace too!!! Last time I saw Lucy... She couldn't hold her head up on her own... now she's walking and talking!! I am missing out on soo much :( But......... I will be coming down SOON!!! I have enough money saved up so now we just have to figure out a good time for the both of us!!!

Katie F.

Michelle said...

What happened to little Lucy with no hair! And how do you get pig tails on her. Sophie looks SOOOO cute in piggies, but after the screaming while I put them in they only last about two seconds before she rips them out!