Wednesday, March 7, 2007

She talks to the animals, walks with the animals....

We went to Sea World on Saturday with Mom. It was opening day, you'd think there would be quite a few people but it was pretty much empty. It was chilly ( low 60's) and windy which probably kept some folks away. Chris and Katie were in Austin so it was me, Mom and the younger 6 kids. Jack and Ian were let loose to go ride roller coasters, over and over and over and over. Mom and I took the little ones to feed the dolphins, ride some little rides and see some shows. The banner moment of the day was watching a special presentation by Jack Hanna. We were able to meet him and get his autograph and my little zoologist, Gracie, was invited up on stage to help hold a albino python. I didn't bring my digital camera because I anticipated a typical Seaworld day and didn't think I'd need it. Mom took pictures with her camera....real film...BAH!! After she gets them developed and sends them to me I'll post them.
Ben got to go on the Texas Splashdown with me and Emma. It's a log floom. He was very excited. After he got off he told anyone who cared to listen, "I went on Splashdown!! I went AAAHHHH!!!!!" with arms up in the air. :-)

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