Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How to eat refried beans and other musings....

I never had refried beans until I was in my twenties. My children, on the other hand and face and hair, try them much earlier......
Lucy likes beans!

My mom was visiting for the last week so I haven't as much a chance to update the blog.
Katie's OM team is going to State. \o/ WOOT!! They did an excellent job and it was intimated that a trip to World's is a possibility. The kids aren't getting their hopes up, they are going to just do the best they can and accept whatever happens, happens.
Here is a pic of their Rube Goldberg machine. I'll have to get Katie to give a step by step of how it works, it is super cool. It uses gravity, electricity, wind and pulley action to work. The point of the machine is to dump potion and transform the hamsters in the cage (balls of yarn).

Jack was promoted on Tuesday. He is now a Cadet Airman. Next step, Cadet Airman 1st Class. The officer giving him his promotion was incredibly impressed that Jack achieved his new rank in such a short time. This week's meeting was only Jack's ninth meeting. I'll post a picture of him in his BDU's next week, we're waiting on his blues. Ggpa would be so proud!!!

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