Thursday, June 30, 2011


I've been neglecting the blog again.
It is a quiet week around here as the boys are at Civil Air Patrol, Texas Wing Encampment. I'm looking forward to attending the Pass-in-Review on Saturday and hearing all about their week.

Ok on to {phfr}

Pretty.....I have to reach into the archives for this one:


Our street.


A very sweet Max on his first birthday. got cake?


Tristan has turned into my little optimist. Whenever he is denied something like ice cream or even a bath he gives you this face:

and cheerfully says, "Maybe tomorrow!"


Grace riding. Pardon the hokey music. It's better than listening to my mom and I talk about the weather and hearing the dogs playing.

Sometimes I think I am crazy to let Grace do what she does. She is a 100lbs soaking wet and 12 years old. Every other week she gets in close proximity to a very large animal that could throw her off if the horse wanted too. Grace saddles the horse, leads her to the ring, rides in the small and/or big ring under Scott's instruction and then takes the horse for a trail ride around a 10 acre perimeter by herself, out of sight for a good 10-15 minutes. Equine pursuits are inherently dangerous, even for experienced adults. So why do I let my precious girl do this? She loves it. It is her passion. She studies it, she works at it, and she is pretty good for a child her age who doesn't own a horse. We have to let our kids try, try things that are hard and sometimes they may get hurt. The important part is that they get back up and try again.

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Christina said...

Daughter Rachel (14) has been riding on and off for a few years (English style). Our next door neighbors have a 20 year old retired thoroughbred. Old nag, right? A few times, Rachel would be just trotting him around our field (no ring) and he would take off at a gallop...I heard her yelling "whoa, whoa!" but no help. Being a racehorse, he was taught to resist the heart is always in my throat when this happens. Now she rides him more often in the fenced but very hilly pasture.