Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shout out to Catholic Icing

In my sidebar you will see a link to a blog called Catholic Icing. Lacy is one of those women who can look at everyday objects and come up with amazing and creative ideas. (She should have been in Odyssey of the Mind). I mean, really.....who can sees a pool noodle and thinks, "Hey we can make a Monstrance out of that!!" Pool noodles have three uses around floaties, as weapons and as dog chew toys.
She had a cute little project the other week for the letter W. He's got the whole world in His hands

Now along with not being very creative I am not a 'circle time,letter of the week' kinda homeschooling mom anymore but I still thought the craft was super cool so I worked it Nine Texans style which is "here kids, color these coffee filters and then look what happens when we sprinkle water on them!!" They love it-well my artsy ones did. The 12,10,7 and 5 year old would have gone through a pack of a 100 filters if I let them. I make myself feel better and call it a lesson in abstract art :D We hung them up in our kitchen.I know Martha Stewart would be cringing but my kitchen is pretty bright and 'tacky' already, what's a little more color :D

My curtains, yes, that is Texas themed toile.

Two of my crosses. The handpainted one on top even has momma's with babies in slings and the bottom one is dyed straw.

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The Original Katie said...

My mom still has all our old artwork hanging in the kitchen. It adds character. :)