Thursday, May 19, 2011


I would usually never put a picture of myself under the {pretty} heading but cutting off over 12 inches of hair just about requires a picture on the blog. So, me with short hair.

Maybe this pic should go under funny but Max making his fish lips face makes me { happy} 'cause it is just so darn cute.[sarcasm] If he was throwing up a peace sign it could be his Facebook profile pic.[/sarcasm] How did making fish lips become 'attractive' or cool anyway. And I get teased about my spiral perm from my misdirected youth? I know I looked like Ronald McDonald but at least I didn't look something you see at Sea World!
{funny} Jack gets a little excited at birthdays...even someone else's.... :D

{real} the off-key, loud, dissonant singing of "Happy Birthday" at our house. This is just our 'little family' plus my spare (Grace's bff who eats with us more than she doesn't :D )



JenniferM said...

Ha! Never knew there was an html tag for sarcasm! :P

Julia said...

I enjoy your sense of humor. I know what you mean about the "fishlips" on facebook. I have a twenty something year old niece who is many times making the gangsta' face in her facebook pics.

~the ten of us~ said...

The fish lips are super cute! And we love birthdays around here also!

The Original Katie said...

Oh my goodness Max is adorable! And your haircut looks so nice!!!!!!

Karen said...

Love the fishlips, love the haircut, have fond memories of those spiral perms and I think my 2 year old son has a crush on Lucy because every time he sees a picture of her he says I want to see this one.

Linda said...

very nice pict of you! The shot of Jack with little brother is priceless.