Friday, April 22, 2011

Senior Pictures

A few weeks ago the girls and I took a drive to Gruene (pronounced green) . I had purchased a Groupon for a session with a photographer many, many moons ago (it had actually expired but Nicole was gracious enough to honor it anyway) and chose to use it for Katie's senior pictures.

When I was in high school our senior portraits were slightly amped up versions of the school pictures we had been having taken for the last 12 years. Professional photographers were for weddings. I admit when I noticed, about 10 years ago, the trend was for seniors to have a professional sitting like a bride, I thought it was overkill. I've changed my mind.

I've been blessed over the last almost 18 years to have beautiful pictures of my children taken by my uncle, who was a professional photographer for many years. I have dozens of gorgeous shots of Katie growing up. Not one is a standard JC Penney portrait. Over the years Bruce has been able to capture moments that are "Katie" (or Jack, or Ian, or Grace etc....) expressions, stances, actions....frozen moments in time. I was wondering if a photographer who had never met Katie before, didn't know her at all would be able to capture what I was looking for. My beautiful daughter who is turning into a beautiful young woman. My Katie.
She did. Nicole did an amazing job. I can't wait to see all the pictures!

Nicole's Blog

I just love, love, love the first picture. Like Nicole, I am a sucker for black and white.

A little note: Along with being a talented photographer, Nicole is a military wife and mom. She is also expecting her second child, a little boy, next month. Her husband, Dane, is deployed in Afghanistan in a forward unit. To top it all off she is working for a VBAC. If y'all could send up a prayer for this amazing woman who, when most women in her situation are turning inwards and saying 'why me?', is able to look outwards and see so much beauty and capture it for us all.


Kalona said...

Katie has grown into such a beautiful young woman. Love the pictures!

ChristineMM said...

Wow those are great photos, your daughter is so lovely, a young lady, where did the time go?