Thursday, April 28, 2011




This is a little Tufted Titmouse (or Mexican Titmouse) that built her nest in the pipe that holds up our basketball net. Her chicks are quite noisy. I hope when they fledge they don't meet.....

Spooky, our outdoor cat. She is ours by default. When we moved in, before there were many houses, she was here. She is tame but is still a hunting cat and lives primarily in and around our garage, cars, front of the house. Someone (probably Grace) took this picture of Spooky underneath our van.


ALL my children looking at the camera at the same time. It doesn't take much to make a mom happy, just 9 heads all pointed in the same direction.


Grace during her individual 'photo shoot'. I took pictures of each of the children individually over a few days time. This was in the 'not printing out and sending to Grandma' file.


In a house with 9 children (all of whom have no sense of self-preservation) I deal with at least a minor injury just about every day. It is my reality.
Max is a pretty proficient walker but even the steadiest 10 month old is no match for a wet spot on a tile floor. Max took a header and tore his frenulum (the piece of skin that goes between your upper lip and gum). Lots and lots of blood. My poor baby. After a little cold rag and snuggling action he was fine and ate dinner just a little while later like nothing had happened. I went to clean up the bloody paper towels and clothes and saw his sad little bloody binky. Am I bad that I thought....that would make a good 'real' post for tomorrow???


Sardine Mama said...

I love the comment about their general lacking in a sense of self-preservation. And I have to agree :).

priest's wife said...

poor baby!

Christ is risen!

JenniferM said...

Yes, you know you're a blogger when something happens and all you think is what a good blogging opportunity it is. At least you waited until after the patient was alright. :)

Great job on the kid photo! Most of them are even smiling.

~the ten of us~ said...

A picture with everyone looking is a big deal!! A sometimes does deserve a high-five!

Poor little guy :( Mouth injuries bleed like nothing else. I am bad too, I always grab my camera when something happens and sometimes even think about things in terms of my blog ... how this fit :o)

Amy said...

Oh, poor baby!

Mrs. Fordyce said...

No, you are not bad for thinking the about the "real" picture-I would have as well. I am glad you little guy is fine!