Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scenes from the San Antonio Tea Party

Chris, Katie, Jack, Tristan and I went to the San Antonio Tea Party yesterday. It was a heartening experience. Let me make something clear. We did not go because we are bitter about the election. We did not go because we are pawns of Rush Limbaugh or the Republican political machine ( I happen to know personally one of the main organizers and he is anything BUT a pawn of anyone ). We did not go because we are racist. We did not go because we don't want to pay taxes. We did not go because we are heartless people who don't care about the less fortunate.

We attended the Tea Party because we do not like the direction our country is going. The reckless spending, the massive increase in our deficit, the bills being rammed through Congress without even being read, the interference of the Federal Government in the private sector and in State government, the 'bail-out' and entitlement attitude...these things concern us. We have written and called our Representatives and Senators and we will continue to do so. This peaceful protest was to make it known to all who sit in government, including those we did not elect, that we are not happy, and we will continue to beat the drum until things change.

It was a overall a peaceful rally. We only saw a couple of signs that I really wish weren't there (agendas that had nothing to do with the Tea Party). There were a few people who were protesting the protest. They were hassled somewhat but nothing violent. At one point I stepped in (with Tristan in the Moby) between a few people giving a young man with an anti-rally sign a hard time and loudly stated that he had every right to be there regardless of his opinion. If we are rallying to uphold the Constitution we need to uphold it for ALL even if we don't agree with them. It surprised enough people that they left the man alone as he stood directly in front of me the next 5 minutes before moving on. I mortified Jack, but that was just too bad.

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the Mom said...

It would have been great to be in San Antonio yesterday. Not just for the rally, but just because I love Texas.