Friday, October 17, 2008

Leave Joe alone!

Photo credit (CBS/AP)
Enough is enough. Joe Wurzelbacher should be left alone. The media will tire of him eventually but in my opinion it should be sooner rather than later. The man asked a question on a rope line. The candidates used him to further their own purposes during the debate. Now he is being vetted on the national stage. Doesn't this bother anyone? I guess not. We are a country who spends millions a year on rags like the Nat'l Enquirer and Us Weekly. Knowing the private business of others is a national pasttime.
I'd like to see both McCain and Obama ask the media to leave him alone. They requested privacy for Bristol Palin as her pregnancy is not an issue in the election. I hardly see how Mr. Wurzelbacher's divorce, plumbers license or tax return is an election issue either or changes the validity of his question.
The MSM doesn't have enough news to cover right now?

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Sardine Mama said...

I TOTALLY AGREE! I even said it in all-caps :). Oh, and I have a couple of jobs if you want to send your diaper-clad workers over here - nothing to strenuous...mopping, polishing, scraping, and painting.