Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I can't think of a good title.....if you do, leave it in the comments

First, breastmilk rocks! Tristan weighed in yesterday at 9lbs 5oz (dressed with diaper) so we'll call him 9lbs. Not too shabby for a boy who was 6lbs 5oz on May 9th. He is also 22inches long. He is as sweet as can be and a very normal newborn. Not particularly easy or difficult. He likes to eat and be held, doesn't spit up much and poops more than any other child....EVER. He also has more pimples then his teen siblings combined, but that too shall pass.

Tristan on 6/4/08

I would like to blog about slinging/slings. (Pictures to come later)

I bought my first sling when Ian was a baby. I've been successfully using them since Emma was a baby, when I had someone who knew what they were doing show me the correct way to wear/use one. Now I am a bit of an addict. I have 4, three of which I actually use. Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Cotton Pouch, Moby Wrap and Kangaroo Korner SolarVeil ring sling.

Babywearing in developed countries is a product of the attachment parenting philosophy. In the rest of the world and for most of history it has been part and parcel of life and survival. So why do I wear my babies in a reasons are closer to the women of ancient history then to some warm fuzzy reasons from a book:-) It's about survival. For the baby and for me.
If the baby is in a sling a 2 year old can't drag him out of his crib or climb in with him and 'love' him. If the baby is in the sling the cat can't lick the spit up from his chin. If the baby is in a sling I remember where I put him and can find him when he starts crying. If the baby is in the sling and not in my arms I have two free hands. I *need* two free hands, it's hard enough to run after Houdini (aka Lucy) if I had only one hand to capture her with she'd make it halfway to Timbuktu instead of just into the neighbors yard. Not to mention cooking, cleaning, blogging, putting on making up and all the other important things I do everyday.
One of the best things about wearing your baby is wearing him in public and listening to the whispers and talking to people. It all changes depending on which sling I am wearing, if it is the pouch (which you can't see any baby at all usually-just a lump) I often hear as I walk by, "Do you think there is a baby in there?" Followed up by comments such as "It's her purse."
I will usually turn around and say, "yes, it's a baby." and then people will want to see and ask questions.
When I wear the Moby, which means folks can usually at least see his feet, it's all, ""Awwweee, look at the little baby." " What tiny feet." etc....and occasionally someone will stop and ask about the Moby specifically because it is a pretty eye catching deal. 99% of the time people are wonderful. Intrigued, questioning but generally quite positive. I will share with my 4 readers the two winner comments I have received while wearing a baby in a sling.

"Is that a baby or a dog in there?"

and the ultimate #1 winner of all time!! ::::::drumroll:::::

"Is that legal?"


MamaEscandon said...

I love babywearing and can't wait to start it up again!!! I am also looking forward to a couple of new sling purchases! :o)


tiny bit of interesting info...

i decided after reading your post i had to go onto babysrus and see if they had slings listed and they do. soo, just tell any dummy who asks you those dumb question to check out


katie f


i'm on the phone with your daughter btw. :p

Karen said...

No catchy title but wanted to congratulate Katie and team on a great job, let you know I'm thrilled to hear the little man is doing so well and say I really hope the sling works for us to. Lucy has compatriot in Sloane in their Houdini like ways!

Katie said...

lol yes Kaytee and I talked for like two hours even though we were going to see each other in two days. Leave it to the teenagers.

TRISTAN! I very specifically told you NOT to grow!
Oh well, he's too cute to stay mad at. A whole 9 pounds! *sniff* Give him a kiss from me, and one to Lucy, and Ben if you can catch him. Tell Jack I've got a keychain from Singapore for him. Make sure Ian doesn't ride my bike in the dirt... if he gets a flat on the one bike that hasn't yet had one, he's TOAST.
OK I'll stop being the evil big sister now. Gotta check the OM blog and see if anybody has posted yet besides me.