Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cute kids and animals

Tristan, Ben, Emma and Pumpkin.

Emma had her dance recital last week. She wasn't sick this time and was so happy to be able to actually dance on stage this year! Tristan's hair looks red in a couple of these pictures. It is NOT red. In certain light it has some red to it but is most definitely brown hair. I think he'll be about as dark if not darker than grace. His eyebrows are coming in and they are dark like his hair..oh and he is getting eyelashes too.
One of these pics is just Tristan's hand. Contrary to popular Texan belief he is not makin' the hook 'em horns hand gesture from UT, for that his thumb would have to be in :-D He is makin' the " I love you" ASL sign.

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