Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm still here, baby is still inside.

No baby yet. Baby seems to be doing well. I'm pooping out as most women do in the last few weeks. I am trying to get everything in order before the 13th with no energy to do it and a bunch of kids with Spring Fever who would much rather find baby birds, hunt copperheads, play basketball, ride bikes, feed horses etc.....and I can't say I blame them. Which would you rather do? scratch that. I'd hazard a guess that most of my 'readers' would rather mop a floor then hunt for rogue copperheads in the neighbors woodpile. You know those copperheads just lie in wait for kids to walk by so they can LEAP out and bite them. It is MUCH better to take shovels and stakes and go looking for the snake in some kind of gang that looks like a Children of the Corn lynch mob. Hey, when you take the outdoor cat with you and *throw* him at the snake, it's all good. (For those wondering, yes the kids and cat are just fine and snake has been burned in the woodpile and no anti-venom required)

Back to the baby stuff:

At least all the big stuff is done...car seat cleaned and installed, cradle cleaned and set up, clothes ready, diapers bought, new sling purchased (doesn't every new mom er.....baby deserve a new sling?!) now if only we could pick a couple NAMES.
I don't know about y'all but naming has always been an issue for me and Chris. We have a pretty different take on names. I am pretty conservative and traditional when it comes to boy names while he shoots for the unusual although last night HE told ME that my favorite boy name was.......pretentious. Pretentious? Puhhhleeze. Girl names, we both like pretty, girly, traditional names but none of the same ones. Then you throw into the mix our 60+ nieces and nephews and their names that we'd rather not use, there is no RULE against doubling up but you know we really don't WANT to. Add to that our somewhat unusual Eastern European last name that sounds like a cat choking on a hair ball....You get the picture. At this point I will be pleasantly surprised if we walk into the hospital with names picked out. It isn't looking too promising. The baby may end up being Lucy's choice: Baaabbeeeeesssss!!!!!!
Jack's choice: Bob
or the ever-present Glow Worm.

BTW, Chicky...you'd better spill it on the gender of that baby!


Karen said...

Hey, we're going with Ysabel Grace Kasprzak. And yes, Ysabel is pronounced like Isabelle. My darling husband tried telling me that "Grace is not a name, it's a thing" and then I found a few St. Grace's with one of them having their feast day on my due date (July 5). How is THAT for Godly intervention? lol Oh, and Ysabel will be grandchild #40 for my husband's parents, but we're the only one's left reproducing so I'm thinking we'll never catch up to 60, LOL! My SIL is on grandchild #22 or so... and all of her kids are still practicing Cathtolics. They may just give you K's a run for your money. ;-)

Nine Texans and friends.... said...

Isabel was on the short list but seems to have moved back to the long list for now. :-P
It's almost enough to let Chris just pick the names and be done with it. Just ALMOST enough :-D

Karen said...

Well, let's just put it this way...Isabelle isn't on the short list - I think you can guess the gender from there!

Of course, that means we're having the same name discussion in our house.

I don't think we can give you a run for the 60+ grandchildren though. With only two of us...