Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blogs to make you laugh and cry.


An absolutely heartbreaking, yet at times joyful, blog by a single father about life without his wife but with his newborn premature daughter.


Dear friends of ours on a three week road trip from TX-CA. They are local homeschoolers, their oldest is on the OotM team with Katie, their two older boys are buddies with Jack and Ian and their littles are friends with Emma and Ben. Carol is a published writer and puts life with a large(er) homeschooling family in a true (and hysterical) light.


MamaEscandon said...

Karen, You HAVE to check out this blog.

Its a mother who gave birth to a daughter that passed away during labor. I read her story on You can read it here.

Talk about a tear jerker!

Patricia/Scooby said...

Glad to hear that your new baby...Tristan... is here. You look good and baby will do fine with all the extra care and attention he is getting God Bless you all