Saturday, November 10, 2007


It has been a good couple of days. ::fingers crossed:::: after a rough first part of the week we may have finally gotten the drug regimen down pat (max dose Zofran through pump, 25mg phenergan 3-4x/day and 25mg doxylamine 3x/day). I'm eating and occasionally drinking and haven't vomited in a couple days. \o/ Yay me!
I'm still running 1L of IV fluids every night, on bad days I'll run more. Bob the Bean is doing just fine. I see the maternal fetal medicine (MFM) doc on Monday. Routine visit because I am of advanced maternal age (AMA). We'll do a nuchal translucency, I'll refuse amnio, he'll probably try and talk me into an elective C-section which I will also refuse. Typical Karen meets highly interventionist doctor scenario. Only reason I am doing any testing is because if the baby is need of extra care it will change where I deliver. Hospital without a NICU vs hospital with a NICU.

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