Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just in case someone doesn't know what the above image is, it's Bob. At approximately 12w5d gestation. Laying on his back, head on the left, legs sticking up on the right. This was from the nuchal translucency scan. NT is a simple screening tool for chromosomal defects. The area on the back of the baby's neck is measured. You can see it a little in this image, it's a dark line running down the back. Less than 2mm is normal, greater than that there is an increased risk of a chromosomal abnormality or heart defect. Bob's was about 1.5mm. Just fine. In no way guarantees that there is no chromosomal abnormality, just a piece of information. I am not willing to risk losing my baby to complications from an amnio so the screening tools are all we have to rely on, we've chose a very new maternal blood screen that is very sensitive in screening for Trisomy 21,18 and 13 and neural tube defects-there are only one maybe two labs in the whole country that do it. All that would change is where I give birth. The hospital my OB usually uses has no NICU, if my baby is suspected of having a problem I'll birth at the hospital with the Level III NICU.

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Kaytee said...

WOW! That's amazing. Hugs to Bean Bob and you.