Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Neat find!
Chris and I want to get new living room furniture. There simply isn't enough room for our family to sit all at once without more than half the family sitting on the floor. Complication: we have a cat. He doesn't scratch very much compared to many cats but he IS a cat and he does LOVE to climb. We haven't even addressed what happens when you are holding him and happen to walk past a sink. The usual solution? Declawing. Well, declawing is extremely painful for the cat-it is not just a pulling of the claw out of the nailbed like I thought-and which is bad enough-it is the amputation of the last digit of their toe- and can even cause them not to use the litter box....permenently. Ok, so now I have cat who may not be scratching my furniture but is now pooping and peeing all over the house. What to do? Soft Paws!! I found these nifty little vinyl covers that go over your cats claws. They go on with a type of super glue and stay on 4-6 weeks. It works out to around $5/month for these. I think it is a win-win situation. No painful, costly surgery for Pumpkin and my furniture and all of our skin, stays intact!!
Side benefit? They come in cool colors so you can make your cat the laughing stock of the neighborhood!
Doesn't he look cute!

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katie f said...

HA!!! we need those for Smokey!